Guest bathroom and laundry

Project: Classic For Four Location: Austria, Vienna Floor area: 3m²

While gold and black might not be a chart-topping duo in the living room it sure is a showstopper in the contemporary bathroom that turns heads and steals the show. A dark bathroom evokes images of indulgence and affluence, and gold offers the icing on the cake with its mesmerizing presence.

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Classic For Four
When you enter this 120m2 flat in an old tenement house, at the very threshold you can feel delighted as well as a sudden rush of serotonin. You will not come across any conventions or cliches; boredom has been simply replaced by good energy enjoyed by anyone staying in this interesting place. In this Vienne's flat, classical moulding and a creaking wooden floor provide a frame for eclectic experiments with furniture, fabrics and objects from different periods and an extraordinary spectacle of colours. It seems like the spirit of vintage, clad in colourful garments of the bohemianism, has sneaked here and pilfered something modern. Through striking a balance between the old and new. a unique place was brought into existence. Each of the rooms (three bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, library and living room combined with the dining room) as a separate story told in unison by original furniture and objects from different stories.

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