Avant-garde demo project

Project: Avant-garde demo Location: Greece, Athens Floor area: 20m²

A few months ago, we had set a real challenge for ourselves. The idea was to create 2 different projects based on opposite philosophy however using the same space. It is a good way to introduce to our clients our style and way of design thinking.

We decided to use the same sets of furniture and decoration elements in each project. The only tool we were able to use, was a wide range of shapes, materials and colours. Let's imagine you have a clear, empty apartment where you should create a space for two opposite personalities, how would it look like?

The Avant-garde project has been created for a young and open-minded couple. It was build based on vivid warm colours, adorned with simple shape furniture and terrazzo pattern tabletop. Our major aim was to create a minimalistic project which would represent the positive energy of the owners.

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