How long does the typical online interior design project take?

The time required to complete the project can vary, depending on several factors. It depends on package type, the size of the apartment/commercial space, the complexity and scope of the project and how multifaceted it is. Standard Interior design project typically takes between 5-10 weeks from start to finish. 

Do you undertake to design individual rooms?

No, unless the gross floor area is more than 35 square meters. 

Can designers work with my existing furniture?

All projects implemented by AB Interior Atelier are created from scratch. Nonetheless, we can integrate a few pieces of your favourite furniture or accessories into the design project, provided that it suits the main design conception. 

How do you price a project?

Each project is priced individually. The final project cost is based on a single square meter rate and on the type of design project package. You can check our packages and the average price of a 40 square meter apartment below.  

If you like us to estimate the cost of your dream projectplease fill out the following form with all the required information

What project size you can handle?

We are happy to design your spacious apartment or tiny cafe, however, not smaller than 35 square meters. 

Will you stay within my budget?

Yes, we keep your budget in mind when selecting material, furniture and decoration. 

Can you work with me if I’m based in another country?

Our online interior design studio works with clients mainly from the European Union, also we can help you worldwide. But please take into account that materials, furnishing and decoration from “Shopping list” may not be available in your country, as our vendors are located in Europe.

When can you start to work on my project?

Usually, the first design project phase stars within 1-4 weeks after application, it may vary depends on our schedule. Before you commit to purchase a design project, we will present you with the timeline and sequence of phases that your design project will go through.

What are the steps in the purchasing process?

When all details managed and the project timeline is approved, we require a 50% down payment before starting a project. Otherwise, you are able to choose divide payment. You can split the total amount into instalments, and pay ahead for each project phase. Or you can pay for the entire design project at once. The prices on this website are quoted in Euro and include VAT. Payment can be made thru our page by Visa, Mastercard or Bank transfer. 

Can you manage the entire project?

Our partnership ends the moment your design project is completed and submitted to you with all the required documentation listed in your package. We do not handle the purchase and shipping. We do not source or vet the contractors, construction specialists or architects to tackle your entire project. 

What if I'm unhappy with your designs?

Designers, by nature, are problem-solvers. If you don’t get your design exactly how you want, we will do our best to reach a consensus and find a solution that makes you happy. You have access to three design revisions to each phase of your project. 

Are all furniture and materials from "Shopping list" available in local stores near me?

There is no obligation to purchase items from your shopping list. You may select which items you would like to purchase and buy them all at once or over time from online stores presented in the “Shopping list”. You’re free to switch them for an equivalent item from your local store if you wish. 

Review your proposal and project implementation time.